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Offer of the Month


Our clinic offers a complete and complex range of dental services at the highest level of performance and professionalism.

The WHITE DENT team is ready!

We are waiting for you in a pleasant environment where the protection, safety and working protocols specific to this period are paramount

About us

White Dent proposes a modern concept in current dentistry, a clinic that is based on a team of doctors dedicated to the profession and attentive to the requirements and needs of patients. Read more...

Safety and protection

In ANY environment there is a risk of contamination. In modern dentistry you must be assured that all the necessary precautions have been taken for your safety. For us, disinfection, sterilization and protection procedures are a top priority and are performed using state-of-the-art equipment!


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A clinic for your family
~ patient testimonials ~

Here I always found a professional and capable team, and at the same time warm and full of good cheer, which made the visits to the clinic not only a necessity, but also a pleasure. I recommend to anyone the impeccable services offered by this team.
My family and I welcome to the clinic. We know that here we always benefit from professional treatments. The whole team is always ready, attentive and I am glad that my girls come with pleasure and listen to the doctor's instructions.
White Dent is the perfect clinic for our family. We trust the professionalism of doctors, we are always satisfied with the treatment we receive from the whole team. Equipped with the latest equipment and with a special emphasis on patient protection, we come back every time with a smile on our face!


Intraoral scanner the latest technology in dentistry

Intraoral scanning eliminates the mess and variability of traditional PVS/alginate impressions.

Treatments / Laser Therapies

Cutting-edge technology with numerous advantages and benefits for the patient.
Quickly and effectively, laser treatment can replace the traditional one.

Endodontic treatment with the help of the Microscope

Excellent optical system, provide extremely detailed images. Visual accuracy 400x higher than the naked eye and 100x higher than traditional magnifying glass.

Teeth in 24 hours Fast & Fixed

The Fast & Fixed system of total restoration of teeth on the jaw and/or mandible is an innovative concept developed by the company Bredent Medical, through which the patient is inserted dental implants and at the same time, is applied dental work in a single day (extractions, implantation and immediate provisional prosthesis).

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  • Str. Soimus no. 107 (with input from Drumul Gazarului 42) Bucharest - Sector 4
  • wdent@wdent.ro
  • Phone: 0749 997 721; 031 421 16 05