White Dent - Str. Soimus no. 107 (with input from Drumul Gazarului 37) Bucharest - Sector 4


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Who we are

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What we do

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White Dent20 years after the opening of the first office, we inaugurated the new clinic located in sector 4, Drumul Gazarului 37 (near Budimex hospital).
White Dent proposes a modern concept in current dentistry, a clinic that is based on a team of doctors dedicated to the profession and attentive to the requirements and needs of patients.
The team includes doctors specialized in implantology, orthodontics, endodontics and dental prosthetics.
We have an important partnership with laboratories recognized for the superior quality, aesthetics and guarantee of the dental works performed by it.
We pay special attention to the little ones where we focus on prevention and their education in order to learn the correct technique of brushing and oral care. It is important that they see a friend in the dentist who helps them to have healthy and beautiful teeth!

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and with a special emphasis on what it means to protect, sterilize and disinfect workspaces, we want to offer you a safe and pleasant environment.

It is certified and statistically proven that no one goes to the dentist with pleasure. We are afraid. Fear of pain, fear of a possible infection that we risk contacting and why not of the costs that we estimate to be high.

In conclusion, there are all the premises to avoid a dental office if there were no famous "mass pain".

We hope to convince you that WHITE DENT is a good choice because of the strengths we have:

  • A team of very well trained professionals.
  • Modern, reliable dental equipment that meets all CE standards.
  • A safe and oriented environment for your protection against any risk of contamination.
  • Using the best quality materials imported directly through our WHITE DENT PLUS from Germany, England, Italy, USA.
  • A pleasant and friendly climate.
  • Last but not least, affordable prices.
"To the children we must leave a beautiful legacy of consciousness rather than gold"

White Dent Team

Dr. Natalia StatulescuMedic coordonator
Dr. Alexandru TatulescuPedodontie
Dr. Adela AthanasiadisORTODONTIE
Dr. Cosmin-Mihail GhitaChirurgie oro-maxilo-faciala
Dr. Adrian ManeaProtetica
Dr. Roxana AndreiStomatologie generala
Alexandra IonitaAsistent medical
Beatrice AmzaAsistent medical
Sabin StatulescuStudent
Miruna IonescuStudent
Teodora DascaluStudent
Diana ZahariaReceptie
Stefania StoicaMarketing manager

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Contact Clinic

  • Str. Soimus no. 107 (with input from Drumul Gazarului 37) Bucharest - Sector 4
  • wdent@wdent.ro
  • Phone: 0749 997 721; 031 421 16 05

Contact Cabinet

  • Str. Secuilor no. 13, bl. 19, sc. 3, ap. 75 Bucharest - Sector 4
  • wdent@wdent.ro
  • Phone: 021 332 87 56