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Cutting-edge technology with numerous advantages and benefits for the patient. 

Fast and efficient, laser treatment can replace the traditional one.


- treatment of periodontal disease: cleans the diseased tissue, removes bacterial plaque and dental tartar, stimulates gingival reattachment and healing

- in implantology for the stimulation of neighboring tissues, increasing the efficiency of implant integration

- sterilization of root canals increasing the chances of success and maintaining long-term results

- for dental sensitivity to teeth with cracks and gingival retraction

- in gingivectomies and gingivoplasties (aesthetic reasons)

- stimulates blood clotting after tooth extractions

- minimally invasive surgeries with minimal bleeding (frenectomies, phrenoplasts)

- in hemorrhage of blood vessels (hemostasis)

- caries detector

- treatment of canker sores and herpes lesions

- teeth whitening with immediate results

- rapid and precise removal of benign tumors

- reduction of inflammatory pain of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)


- minimally invasive interventions

- he anesthesia is done little or not at all

- wounds heal quickly

- bleeding is low


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  • Str. Soimus no. 107 (with input from Drumul Gazarului 37) Bucharest - Sector 4
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